autobiography of miss jane pittman

Gaines, Ernest J. The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. NY: Bantam Books, 1971.

narrator: first-person, Miss Jane Pittman, the editor, collective voice

My son is reading this book as required summer reading before 9th grade and I’m reading with him. I love Ernest Gaines’ writing and have taught Love and Dust and In My Father’s House at graduate and undergraduate levels. Now, this is writing! Such an ear for Luzana voices, such an eye for the bayous and the country. So much to learn here and so much that catches at my researcher’s heart: were there a lot of schools for orphaned slave children right after the Civil War? was the old man with the maps in the middle of the country based on an actual figure? who were the Beero investigators and how did all that work? So many memorable characters who only appear for a scene. Why are those scenes so indelible? Tension — will Jane and Ned survive? what will the others do? Description. Josh is supposed to finish Book Two today. I get frustrated having to wait for him to get reading further so I can catch up and then we can talk. I’m reading the other books. Does Gaines’ book qualify as YA lit. since the narrator is ‘leven or twelve? I love the editor’s introduction and hope there will be some return to it by the end of the novel. I love that this is a novel called an autobiography. What does that mean? How was this book received in 1971? Roots started showing on TV in 76?


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