some reasons I love Lied Lodge

  • wireless works in my room
  • Joe Cheney, the tech guy, responds quickly and professionally to all our tech needs
  • there’s a whomping gazillion inch new iMac that Joe rented for our tech room
  • the laminated card on the bed says, “Did you know? Using bed linens more than once during a multiple night stay can save hundreds of pounds of detergent and thousands of gallons of water each year. As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we would like to offer you the choice of how often your linens are changed.”
  • quotations about trees line the walls in almost all public rooms
  • four small recycling trash baskets for aluminum, glass, paper, and trash sit under the vanity sink
  • next to the shower and on the wall above the towel rack, this sign states: “THANK YOU FOR HELPING US HELP THE ENVIRONMENT — Dear Guest, Can you imagine how many tons of towels are washed unnecessarily and barrels of detergents and chemicals are consumed every day in hotels throughout the world, subsequently polluting our waters?”

Did I mention that 20-inch screen new iMac? Did I mention that I’m beginning to believe I was a tree in another life? I don’t think those two things mutually exclude each other. I love technology. I love trees.

Facilitator group worked hard last night and all today. We’re ready for this writing party to get started!


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