Lied Lodge soul yummies

  • marathon
  • tech smorgasbord
  • geocaching

These were my soul yummies yesterday. I went on my second writing marathon with a group of inspiring writer/teacher/scholars and our first stop was Tasha’s geocache! Tasha whipped out her bright yellow GPS system, held it in front of her something like a member of the Starship Enterprise did when touching down on a new planet (what was that thing called? a tricorder? why was it called that? I am not googling tricorder now, I am NOT googling tricorder now… is there a 12-step group for obsessive googlers?) and we followed her. Trekked off the apple path and partway down a ravine, then jagged left…150 ft., this way, no, straight ahead…Tasha pointed out a tree back up from the ravine as a possible hiding place and I went towards it, around the side, and found an almost decayed piece of tree placed across the hiding place, which was the hollowed out section at the base of the tree. I saw a bit of white and blue plastic. Tasha uncovered the cache and we watched her open the plastic box, take out the cache notebook and show us the riches. No travel bug, which I’m learning is a particular find, but a 2002 Lied Lodge poster, keychain, calling card from a family of geocachers. Tasha took the keychain and put in a Chinese yo-yo and signed the notebook. She entered the find and showed me later at Tech Smorgasbord how it shows up on the Geocache website.

I would tell you I have a geocache account, but I’m going to ask my 14-yr-old son if he wants to do this together, and if he does, then we’ll choose a username together. The username is how you identify yourself on the geocache website and when you find a geocache and sign the book.

Marathoning with Tasha, Shari, Sondra, and Jane helped me immensely with my writing, allowed me to get a better sense of what they were writing — the issues they’re struggling with as they articulate their projects and experiences — and allowed me to see more of Lied Lodge than I did last year. I now have had an apple slushy, one of the world’s finest libations.

Tech Smorgasbord was AWESOME! Mary Jade’s Night Under the Stars at her school made me wish I’d been there to see the comet, stargaze, sleepover, write poetry, eat moon funnel cake. Lindsay’s presentation of her science classes’ use of Nicenet made me wish I had been in that class — any teacher who sees herself as Jedi Princess has to be cool. Just walking into the tech room delighted my geeky senses — the four tables set in a square were covered with all different kinds of laptops from Fujitsu to iMac to… all hooked up to the NWP subnet created just for us … all filled with rich mutimedia pedagogy.


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