au revoir, Lied

Lied is over and I’m sitting in the Dallas airport enjoying the luxury of a hot-spot day pass that I’ll use for about two hours. Wonder if internet hot-spots will be so ubiquitous and necessary that logging on will be free. Um, doubt it.

Just read Jason’s evaluation and he made a comment with which I agree: facilitators should have shared their writing. D’oh! What a shift I experience when I freewrite and blog with my students. Classroom transformation. As a co-writer, I get to make myself just as vulnerable as the other writers/students. As a co-writer, I share my thoughts and struggles and epiphanies with the other writers/students. When I sit and they write, energy stutters at the firewall between teacher desk and student desk. When I write and they write — that is, when WE write — there is a we, and we create that collective through writing. Power differentials are not elided; I don’t turn into a twenty-year old college student and they don’t turn into a 52-yr-old gray-haired professor. But we create something together. That sounds sooooo corny, and it’s not really what I mean to say. But I’m going to have to wait until my brain finds better words.


2 Responses to au revoir, Lied

  1. Will says:

    So sad that I couldn’t be at Lied. I’d SOOOO rather have been there than my friend’s funeral … how strange that I was about thirty minutes from Huntsville to bury my friend … and now back in south Georgia, dealing with the house and other financial issues, and trying to help my friend’s partner deal with the loss … these are not easy times … Lied would have been more fun! šŸ™‚

  2. Michelle Rogge Gannon says:

    Hey, Sandra. I would like to have shared my writing with them, but it felt a little weird to be writing about the retreat and then to share that writing with the retreat participants. Makes no sense, I know. –m.r.g.

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