Image Day 19 by Mazen Kerbaj – after 19 days i started to cry
Yesterday, I posted to RFP (Rhetoricians for Peace) saying that I haven’t been able to look at pictures, TV, news on the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. The pain of war sends me scurrying towards blindness. I don’t want to see, I don’t want to hear. Lebanon is a continually re-opened scar, and I’ll never see the Beirut my grandmother talked about. A Palestinian who immigrated to the U.S. in the early 20th century, my grandmother spoke French with her grandchildren and described Beirut as the Paris of the Mediterranean. I remember her eyes lighting as she talked of that city. That was long before the civil war. Long before the decimation of Beirut.

Doesn’t matter if I try to hide; war still happens. So do I shut up or do I speak up? RFP and the UIPG list (Israel Palestine Discussion Group) is resuscitating a discussion of Ilan Pappe’s A History of Modern Palestine. That’s one thing I can do. I received a link to a Lebanese visual artist’s blog — powerful drawings — and I’ll start listing Lebanese blogs here and reading them. I’ve linked the title of Mazen Kerbaj’s image to the Flickr URL where it resides. You can see all of his work there as well as on his blog at KERBLOG.


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