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I’m sifting through the many blogs listed on sites that aggregate Lebanese blogs and selecting the information-rich or visual-rich ones, and also ones that load easily and are not predominantly in Arabic. For instance, I like Layal Alkhatib’s blog (Layal is a 20-yr.-old Lebanese student; she’s in Beirut) but it takes a while to load, and there seems to be a scripting problem. I found Zeinobia’s blog (Egyptian Chronicles) from Layal’s blog.

Mazen Kerbaj’s KERBLOG blows me away. That is, his artwork stuns me. Looks like he’s getting lots of hits and lots of attention, some of it unwanted, as he says on his blog. One entry talks about using a candle to find the keys on his keyboard. And he’s usually counting the remaining minutes left to the battery on his laptop.

Lebanon War – Iraq War — this time, there’s Flickr. Photos taken on sight by non-journalists. Lebanese blogs sprout overnight. I should listen to news just to contrast what I’m reading on blogs. But I’d rather read the blogs.

If anything will correct U.S. mainstream media’s straightjacketing, the bloggers will. Because we know where to get the news now. NPR this morning reported that White House press room is being completely re-done. Excellent timing, eh? Sounds as if it’s to make a more palatable space for reporters, but I think everyone knows it’s to protect the White House from uncomfortable questions.

Here’s an excerpt from Doug McGill’s “A Syllabus for Journalism as a Healing Art” in the 2 Aug. 2006 McGill Report:

>Slowly journalism has transformed from the mighty “press” into a meek appendage of the “mass media,” often using what power it has retained merely to reinforce political paralysis, poisoned public discourse, and America’s weakened image abroad. And it has been a cheerleader of the obsessive consumerism that causes so many personal and public health crises, economic imbalances, and global environmental threats.

Angry at how professional journalism handed itself over to government and corporate power, citizens are taking matters into their own hands.

This summer a bumper crop of new “citizen journalism” ventures are sprouting, sometimes with the help of professional journalists who are sympathetic to the mission and eager to lend their skills.<


One Response to blogs not bombs

  1. Layal says:

    well thanks 4 ur comment on my space…& i’m working on this loading thing…it annoys me as well:D
    & il make sure i give you more link like the egyptian chronicles to enjoy..

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