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Remarkz contains lots of news and is co-authored by Bechir Saade in Beirut and David Sheehan in D.C. Impression, which I found linked from Mazen’s KERBLOG is in French and is as lyrical as one can get about war. I’ll try to translate some of it. This, right here, is one thing I can do. I can read Lebanese blogs and point to them here. I can do some translation. I can keep talking, keep reading. Sign petitions, talk to everyone. Talk, talk, talk. Inform.

Here’s my translation of the beginning of Marc’s post from 3 August entitled “sadness lasts forever,” a quotation the writer later mentions is from Van Gogh:

Lebanon is waiting, Lebanon is listening, news all day long, news analyses, special reports. Journalists are everywhere. In the south, in the outskirts of Beirut, this filthy war is offered to us like the blockbuster story of the summer, with all the ingredients to feed suspense: action on the ground, propaganda, attacks filmed point-blank up to the naive threats of the attackers. I have the feeling of a round-the-clock viewing of North by Northwest and of constantly waiting for something, an improbable ceasefire, a Lebanese Ché, a meeting of ministers with no results…


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