CNN-Seen? No!

My revision of CNN’s name — not seen. This morning I watch a clip and see long shots of rockets landing on Israeli cities in the hills. Several of these shots. One or two closeup shots of twisted and burned-out cars in Tyre. Voiceover on rockets hitting Israel and voiceover of destroyed cars in Tyre run at least 3 to 1: Israel, 3 times the airspace, commentary, and shock level Lebanon receives.

Here’s my translation of Marc’s posting on impression for 4 August 2006:

Torino during war [Torino is a café that Mazen Kerbaj also mentions in his blog]

Torino, bastion of resistance, Friday night in August, it’s one of the rare pubs open since the beginning of this filthy war. Andreas is DJ, Hani and Mike are behind the bar, and we’re at the same table. Nothing’s changed but everything is different.

Strangely, there are no journalists today, they’re all at the front, these fools. I count at least 20 guys to 3 girls, have the girls all deserted the area or what? The mood is mean, but it’s good that the pub is still open in this black night, perhaps a possible seed of life in the capital.

Some people were killed a couple kilometers away, in the areas God has abandoned to the insanity of war. I feel guilty but I tell myself that they shouldn’t have changed their routines. At any rate, watching Amine Gemayel giving us lessons on “realpolitik” with his mouth like a chicken’s, his hair reaching his eyebrows and his suit costing 1,000 dollars, frankly it’s not much fun.

And then the music here does well if it helps us forget these times with the help of a bottle, the threatening noise of Israeli machines that spy on us day and night. I’m becoming paranoid, I think…we’re always paranoid…that’s the virtue of war, I guess.

OK, I’m going to finish my glass and go home in the hopes that Torino will still be open tomorrow.


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