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Sunday, August 06, 2006

the terrible equation

One Israeli death equals 10,000 Lebanese deaths according to a Jewish settler in the north of the Hebrew State who was interviewed on France 2. If I follow this reasoning exactly then 300 deaths in Israel would mean that Lebanon would be completely erased from the map.

Although being totally against the attacks of Hezbollah against civilians, which are not a means of effective defense but an archaic way of creating a balance of terror, I am nevertheless shocked by this settler’s equation. How can a foreign media spread such a statement? How can a descendant of the holocaust, a survivor of calculated barbarism have the gall to want a whole population dead?

The peace demonstrations in Tel Aviv, however, leave me with hope that this fascist ideology reflects the feelings of only a minority of Israeli Jews.

I am also a descendant of genocide, the first one of the 20th century, no matter what the naysayers claim, I can no longer conceive of a moment when humanity has not yet learned the lessons of History. History doesn’t repeat itself, it evolves, societies change, but in this region we still refuse to catch up with the pace of change in order to finally reach an age of reason. At the slightest tentative evolution, Lebanon is assailed on all sides. America, Iran, Israel, Syria, Russia…Each comes here with its power to destroy this small spark of hope that we’ve done everything we can to create.

The economic stakes and this manichean vision simplify the world in such a manner that the southern child disappears in the background, seems like a mistake of war, almost a necessity for priming the process of democratization in which one doesn’t see the issues, collateral damage. They visit the leader and some dignitaries of the political scene to present their condolences and the trick is played, the case closed. But this child, no process will bring it back to its mother, it’s not a martyr, it’s just the laughing-stock of fighters in a cause…I no longer even know which one.


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