Fouad Siniora’s tears

I’m reading Zeinobia’s Egyptian Chronicles which presents a powerful Arab perspective on the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Zeinobia (22-yr. old Egyptian blogger) discusses Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s speech in front of Arab leaders and talks about his tears. She mentions that Aljazeera has one of the best presentations of the speech. And I agree. In today’s, you can read “Siniora in emotional plea for truce” and some reference to Lebanon’s 7-point plan. Where is this 7-point plan in U.S. news? I’ll look and listen today, but I doubt I’ll find it. Much of the news today instead discusses Siniora’s mistake about a bombed bunker; he said over 40 people were killed and later reduced the number to 1, when he received updated news. This is the focus in the news, not Lebanon’s 7-point plan to declare its own peace, to establish its voice as its own national voice…not the voice of the U.S., Syria, or Israel, the main forces Lebanon combats today simply to exist.


One Response to Fouad Siniora’s tears

  1. Green Data says:

    Siniora is using a famous Arabic stategy called diplomacy of tears

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