misaligned alliance

Yesterday evening on “Fresh Air,” Terry Gross interviewed some folks talking about Christian Zionists. Wow. What a weird coalition — or maybe not so much. U.S. evangelical Christians supporting neocons supporting ultra-right Israelis. Youch. And the weird thing is that the evangelical-apocalyptic Christian Zionists have a teleology that involves all Jews converting to Christianity or dying. Apparently, the Christian Zionists pride themselves on keeping a ceasefire off the table between Israel and Lebanon long enough for Israel to do some damage. I’ve forgotten the name of the evangelical Christian Zionist preacher who spearheads this whole movement. Let me go check. Right — Pastor John Hagee, founder of Christians United for Israel. Gross interviewed Gershom Gorenberg, who wrote The End of Days: Fundamentalism and the Struggle for the Temple Mount. I love the point he made about mutual religious disrespect: the Israelis who accept a coalition with Hagee’s group ignore the eventual obliteration of Jews in order to gain from the political and financial support (Christians United for Israel have a Washington lobbyist; their agenda fits right in with the neocon plan). The Christian Zionists, meanwhile, are happy to have a coalition with Israel, because let’s face it, that’s the land they want so that there will be the second coming. Which Jews don’t believe in. It’s pretty warped and twisted. But any ultra-right Israeli agenda that wants neocon support will benefit. Neither side — ultra-right Israelis and Christian Zionists — wants peace. In fact, peace is antithetical to both groups’ goals.


One Response to misaligned alliance

  1. mepz says:

    …John hagee isn’t even christian. His name has been flagged with groups such as the round table, the illumanati, and the rothschilds. This guy has too much influence to be any good for this place.

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