deadline and commitment

I have a deadline for the YA novel I’m writing. That’s good. But to meet this deadline, I’m finding that I need to commit to the writing. Otherwise it simply does not get done. What a surprise, eh? Seems like a clear Homer Simpson “D’oh!” moment. But I’ve never put writing first. By first, I mean after recovery. Recovery always comes first, otherwise there’s no second. I’ve led so much of my life by writing after everything else gets done, that I’m finding it difficult to make this shift. It’s an intriguing change. And there are costs. I get to give up busy-ness that seems to help my ego or give me some kind of social identity. Writing, getting the words down, is not a social act. The finished product and the reading of it, the sharing of the product as it gets written — those are social acts. But the writing itself is immensely solitary. It’s not quiet — I tend to get very noisy with the characters in my head and on the page. Some of them talk back and let me know that they won’t participate in a certain plot turn. And it’s not lonely — the creative spirit hangs out and butts in every once in a while with a zen-ish comment or two.


4 Responses to deadline and commitment

  1. Toni D. says:

    I enjoy this blog site you have. I used to love writing until I had my first college English course. The instructor sucked out all the joy I used to feel when I wrote. I started to think of writing as a horrible chore. I understand that grammer is very important to communicate your thoughts to others, but if you focus entirely on grammer and not focuse any time on the message, what are you writing for??? You made me realize that what I write about is important also. Now I want to learn the grammer rules to make my message easy to read and not just to say I have decent grammer skills. LOL. I am even beginning to enjoy these weird stories in our book. They make you think… (Also, I highly recommend Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt. It is one of my favorite books.)

  2. Jared says:

    Recovery is beautiful, but not my priority right now. I just want to have fun at the moment, and it’s hard to do that, and get stuff done. You think you’ve got it bad? Just think about when your reached that bottom the “LAST” time, and what you were doing at that point in time, what you had, and what you had lost. Writing is very solitary, and can be dreary at times, but being alone and writing about it is better than being lonely and drinking about it. AyeYAIYAI i wanna blog so badly, but I can’t figure this DAMNED site out.

  3. Jared says:

    your should be you* in my prior post don’t correct my spelling and grammar, or i’ll never post here again!!! =-)

  4. Checkerberry says:

    I really enjoyed the image you created for me of the characters arguing about the next plot turn, etc. I could almost imagine the scene, like when you watch a movie of the artist drawing the cartoon, and the cartoon steals the pencil. Great imagery!

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