Google acquires Earth, sets sites [sic] on Mars

Mike Myers says that the next Austin Powers movie will make a significant set design change: Starbucks, which has served as the central office for Dr. Evil’s dastardly doings, will be replaced with the Google logo and a set replicating Google’s corporate headquarters. Myers, known for his astute economic pronouncements, ascertains that Google’s dash towards mega-company through a year-long acquisition frenzy proves its kinship with Dr. Evil and his lifelong desire to vanquish the world.

Pyra, Blogger, YouTube, Writely….what’s next?

Checklist for determining whether a corporation veers towards megalomaniacal fiendishness:

1. designs products only for Windows operating systems – check (If you have a Mac, don’t bother investigating Google’s photo system, Picasa.)

2. loses sense of humor – check (Used to be, you could google “weapons of mass destruction” and retrieve a well-written piece of irony.)

3. labor conditions deteriote – check (Well, do they have company-sponsored daycare anywhere?)


3 Responses to Google acquires Earth, sets sites [sic] on Mars

  1. Toad says:

    I didn’t even know that there was going to be another Austin Powers.

    But now that you mention it, google is ripe for parody!

  2. mepz says:

    could’ve sworn mike myers was known for waynes world, and snl, but ok!

  3. mepz says:

    btw this is jared, and i figured out how to setup my blog thingy!!!!!! NOW all i have to do is wait for something to inspire me, and i’ll write something BADA**

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