blogging in class

I hope blogging works out for most folks. Riley says he hates computers. Matt and Dustin keep stealing the wiki lock. Lawrence says he’s having fun. Lori has a cool picture of Uniqua on her blog. Madeline has the awesomest (awesomest = really not a word) blog title ever. Dave’s research is inspiring.


4 Responses to blogging in class

  1. silent190 says:

    Yea, I just threw that picture together while at work so my threat would have some meaning behind it.
    I will work on other english related pictures later on.

    I think I will do a Curiosity killed the cat picture to smite all those who hated my poem.

    I think you might have to get a special dictionary for that word. A dictionary kinda like the one you would have to cheat at scrabble….scrable? scarable? I hate goofy words like that and what….. I remember one day a friend an I were looking at the spelling of what and were stumped. We could have sworn it was wrong. We even googled, another made up word, it. WHAT!

  2. Checkerberry says:

    Ha! Now I stole the lock from you! 51 minutes is too long!

  3. silent190 says:

    Meh, I am not even on wiki anymore. Steal away. Steal till your heart is content.

  4. Jared says:

    Ummm how do i make a screenname thing so i can post blogs and stuff?

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