research is a blast

Last Thursday I was walking out of class with Lawrence, who said to me, “If anybody told me a year ago I was having a blast doing research, I wouldn’t have believed ’em.” I think the key is choosing one’s research topic. If you’re not passionate about finding out about something, why bother? The other cool thing is I get to learn so much. Like Dave’s research on Terry Fox. I admit, I hadn’t heard of Terry Fox until Dave talked about him, and now I’m glad I’m learning about Fox. Or Angela’s research on horse slaughter. I didn’t know the slaughterhouses were foreign-owned and the horse meat is shipped to Europe as a delicacy. Or Martin’s stuff on coyotes…I didn’t even know there were coyotes in Alabama. Or Riley’s 4x4s…he showed me a clip on UTube and now I want to go off-roading. Or Lorie’s research on Alabama’s death penalty…wow, she’s got a huge amount of really powerful information. Or Kensuke’s stuff on filesharing…I learned more about Napster and have been thinking about the issues. Or Sean’s stuff on Northstar and the poetry of lyrics. Or Quapaker’s stuff on female genital mutilation in Liberia…I admire how he’s combining personal experience throughout his writing and also taking on the complexities. Or Joann’s stuff on post-traumatic stress disorder…I’m really interested in her perspective of neurological effects on children. I could keep going…gotta go bug my son to clean the cat litter.


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