super mom aids wii worship

We are not Wii-less cuz super mom strikes again! It’s Sunday, 19 Nov., and I’ve just heard from Josh that he failed his mission to obtain a Wii. He left the house at 6am for the 3-mile walk and at 7am, 42 tickets for 42 Wii had already been given out. I was in Nashville for a conference, not yet fully awake, only one cup of coffee in my system. I jumped out of bed, threw on yesterday’s clothes and drove the 5 miles to Target in Nashville. I did not have much hope. But I received ticket # 34 out of 39. I was 20 minutes late for my 9am meeting.


3 Responses to super mom aids wii worship

  1. Kim Middleton says:

    What a mom!! Not just because she’s rocking this blog, but also because she’ll make the morning Target run on minimal caffeine! (Just thought I’d delurk to give you a round of applause…)

  2. Eren says:

    The things we do for our kids. You are Supermom. I need at least 2 cups of coffee and a double shot of espresso in the morning.

  3. jennifer says:

    i thought i might be the youngest student you taught, although obviously not the hippest. what on earth is a wii?

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