united states v. george bush et al

A posting to the Rhetoricians for Peace list just informed us of Elizabeth de la Vega’s new book, United States V. George Bush et al, which is a mock grand jury indictment of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Powell for defrauding the American public. De la Vega is a retired federal prosecutor, and the snippet from her book at TomDispatch.com is well worth reading. In “A Fraud Worse than Enron,” de la Vega says the following:

So, consider this my 911 call. I’m calling on Democrats and Republicans to do the right thing. And I’m calling on everyone else to do whatever you can to convince Congress to do the right thing. I am not talking about bringing people to justice in the vengeful sense that President Bush employs. I am talking about effecting justice. I am talking, finally, about holding our highest government officials accountable for a complex and calculated program of false pretense, misleading statements, and material omissions — a criminal betrayal of trust that is strikingly similar to, yet far worse than, the fraud committed by Enron’s top officials.


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  1. Toni D. says:

    I strongly agree!!!

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