ultimate chippers

Tonight was the final for ENG102 at Calhoun Community College. The final was a self-reflective essay. Here’s the assignment:

Begin preparation for this essay NOW by going over ALL your writing from this semester. By “ALL your writing,” I mean everything: emails, blog postings and comments, class notes (from all your classes), grocery lists, doodles, bills, papers and exams from all your classes. Choose pieces of writing that mean something to you and think about their relationship to each other. Bring these pieces of writing to class for the final. Your essay will give you the opportunity to reflect on yourself and your journey this semester: 1) How does your writing illustrate your growth, challenges, frustrations, joys? 2) What do you learn from reviewing your own writing? Be sure to quote from your own writing as support for your points.

I learned about the self-reflective essay from Julie Jung, who has a discussion of it in her book Revisionary Rhetoric, Feminist Pedagogy, and Multigenre Texts.

So David #1’s wife gave me a jar of cookie makings because, as David reported her saying, anyone who can get him to like Shakespeare deserves cookies. Here’s what the jar of Ultimate Chippers looks like. I love this idea of cookie fixins as art.

And here you see the finished product, next to some coffee. I’m about to sit down and read the essays that writers handed in this evening. I already almost teared up in class when I read bits of some, so I expect to tear up more as I accompany my reading by coffee and these sinful cookies.


One Response to ultimate chippers

  1. Toni D. says:

    I love that you put before and after pictures of the cookies!!!!

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