semester project

ack. double ack. ok, i’m feeling scattered. the two writing projects i have are blogs and double-entry journals. i’ve already got a good bit of an article on blogs, but it needs more research. especially field stuff. the double-entry journals fascinate me. i want to find out more about them. sounds like i’m leaning that way. this is a paltry paragraph fulfilling the assignment to discuss our projects. i promise more later. nah…i need to do this now.

ok, double-entry journals: they improve classroom discussion immensely. i mean, hugely. maybe more than any other tool i’ve used. ok. that’s pretty darn impressive. i want to find the research behind it. find some good theoretical articles. also, the sticky part for me is the second side, or the metacognitive side. the reflective side. lots of writers don’t really know what to do there. so is this a how-to article? maybe i should just stick with the research before thinking about the article. but i also want the theory, too. i know there are a lot of how-to articles. but what i’ve seen hasn’t been too helpful. ok, done.


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