Cornyn amendment fails in Senate

I learned about the Cornyn amendment (#1184) through the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, and I just found out that it failed with a 46-51 vote against in the Senate. This is a very good thing. Senator Cornyn’s (R-TX) amendment falls in with our Orwellian practices these days (unlawful wiretapping, suspension of habeas corpus) by allowing the Attorney General (and we all know how well we’re doing in that area…) “unreviewable determination” (I’m thinkin’ this means no accountability) to use secret evidence to deny lawful permanent residents U.S. citizenship, and the applicant might never know why s/he was turned down.

I have a sliver of hope.

The Leahy-Specter “Restoring Habeas Corpus Act of 2007” will come up in the Senate Judiciary Committee in a few days. Are we finally crawling back to some ethics, some morals?


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