impeachment is the cure

Bill Moyers’ Journal this evening had Bruce Fein and John Nichols discussing the necessity for impeachment. It’s a powerful discussion that calls each of us to require Congress to do its job, which is to ensure that the executive branch observes the laws of the constitution. At one point, Moyers said that Fein and Nichols were proposing taking an axe to the government and Nichols corrected Moyers. He said Moyers was making the same mistake many citizens make which is to believe that impeachment is an act to smear the president and vice president or will cause a crisis. But impeachment is the cure, as Nichols said. Impeachment is the only thing that would avert a constitutional crisis and a weakening of our nation. Both Nichols and Fein went as far as to say that if we do not impeach Bush and Cheney, our nation is doomed. Watch this show for an education we all need. Watch this show and then take some kind of action. We all need to take our civic responsibilities seriously by acting.


7 Responses to impeachment is the cure

  1. Checkerberry says:

    Duly noted; however, why is this just now coming into light when there is such little time left in office?

  2. sandy says:

    There have been rumblings (mostly at the grassroots level) about impeachment for a while, and it certainly was the topic when the Democrats took over the Congress — Pelosi stated impeachment was off the table. Impeachment proceedings for Nixon and Clinton both took place during second term, later on (I think), so it’s not unprecedented. No question that impeachment can act as a political tool to advance one party’s upcoming elections. But what I found compelling about Moyers’ show was that both guests, one liberal and one conservative, agreed down the line on their reasons for impeachment. Both were very concerned about the state of the presidency, the Congress, the nation and were convinced that not impeaching Bush and Cheney would damage us irrevocably.

  3. scritch says:

    I’m curious, since D and R (and I and L for that matter) parties have liberals, moderates, and conservatives within them, whether the two in agreement on the program were R, D…?

  4. sdshattuck says:

    i don’t know Nichols’ and Fein’s political affiliations…would be interesting to find out

  5. Paula Mortazavi says:

    Wow. I watched that Moyers’ show too. It was right on! It sent me straight to my laptop…more letters to my representatives, this time about impeachment. In fact I got a response from a senator today.

  6. I just had to let you know about the response from Senator Shelby. I got a form letter for President haters, I think. I believe that I had requested that he consider impeaching Cheney, but no matter. Anyway, here are Shelby’s words:

    Although the President and I do not agree on every issue, I am confident that the United States has seen significant positive changes under his leadership. The strengthening of our economy and positive job growth are a testament to his efforts. In addition , I believe that President Bush has risen to the task of providing a steady and clear leadership in protecting our country and our national interests. I will continue to support him in these endeavors.

    Could Shelby’s head possibly be up his ass?

  7. Sandra says:

    wow…i guess one has to be willfully blind to espouse the belief that this administration has provided a “steady and clear leadership in protecting our country and national interests.” such comments are simply unconscionable.

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