peace demonstrations ignored

I made a point of watching NBC’s 5:30pm broadcast last evening, and if I had been blinking my eyes, I would have missed the under-five-second spot covering massive anti-war demonstrations in 11 U.S. cities. The shot was of a demonstration in San Francisco and the script just said there were demonstrations in 11 cities, here’s San Francisco, they did a die-in, and buh-bye. It’s as if there’s no anti-war movement in the States, when hundreds of thousands of citizens protest, write letters, vote, write blogs. Who’s not listening? Mainstream media or congress or administration — all of the above? How do we continue to finance a war when the majority of the populace is against it?  What kind of democracy do we live in? I think it might be a fake one, a pseudo-democracy. We tell ourselves we are free, we vote, we speak up, and all that counts. How does it count if those counting and those reporting the counting are looking elsewhere?


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