nas delivers petition to fox

July 26, 2008 gathered 620,126 names protesting racism at Fox. Nas delivered the petitions and then appeared on the Colbert Report. Watch the video.


web weaving

July 18, 2008

An email asking me if I know Second Life. I reply. Yes. I do. I talk about education and Second Life. Then I wonder what’s up these days with Macs and Second Life. I google “second life macs.” I find “Living a Second Life” by Joe Hutsko at Somebody complains about not being able to script easily in Second Life. Somebody else mentions Ruby as a scripting language. I have not heard of Ruby. I google “ruby scripting” and go to Ruby’s main page. I play with the interactive tutorial, which is loads of fun.

I want to see how Ruby is applied, so I click on “Success Stories.” And now I find 43 Things. Which pretty much blows me away. Because how brilliant is it  to build a social network through common goals? It’s not a blitz blogging program like Twitter, or a social bookmarking program like It’s a place where you list your goals. You cheer others on. You find out how others accomplish their goals. You talk about your progress on your goals. I just started making a list, but I haven’t set up my account yet. Just glancing through the website made my eyes wide…so much potential.

Then I checked out who runs 43Things and I clicked on Laurel Fan’s picture and went to her  43 Things list. I clicked on her second item: post to Twitter and Flickr 8:36pm every day for a while. And that’s when I found Jamie Livingston and his daily photos under Buster McLeod’s post, “the 8:36pm project inspiration.” As Buster says, “Then I ran across Jamie Livingston who took a polaroid every day for almost 20 years (1979-1997), until he died on his 41st birthday. It’s a beautiful project.”

And it is. That’s where I end for today. Grateful for the gifts the web weaves.