web weaving

An email asking me if I know Second Life. I reply. Yes. I do. I talk about education and Second Life. Then I wonder what’s up these days with Macs and Second Life. I google “second life macs.” I find “Living a Second Life” by Joe Hutsko at Macworld.com. Somebody complains about not being able to script easily in Second Life. Somebody else mentions Ruby as a scripting language. I have not heard of Ruby. I google “ruby scripting” and go to Ruby’s main page. I play with the interactive tutorial, which is loads of fun.

I want to see how Ruby is applied, so I click on “Success Stories.” And now I find 43 Things. Which pretty much blows me away. Because how brilliant is it  to build a social network through common goals? It’s not a blitz blogging program like Twitter, or a social bookmarking program like del.icio.us. It’s a place where you list your goals. You cheer others on. You find out how others accomplish their goals. You talk about your progress on your goals. I just started making a list, but I haven’t set up my account yet. Just glancing through the website made my eyes wide…so much potential.

Then I checked out who runs 43Things and I clicked on Laurel Fan’s picture and went to her  43 Things list. I clicked on her second item: post to Twitter and Flickr 8:36pm every day for a while. And that’s when I found Jamie Livingston and his daily photos under Buster McLeod’s post, “the 8:36pm project inspiration.” As Buster says, “Then I ran across Jamie Livingston who took a polaroid every day for almost 20 years (1979-1997), until he died on his 41st birthday. It’s a beautiful project.”

And it is. That’s where I end for today. Grateful for the gifts the web weaves.


One Response to web weaving

  1. JOEyGADGET says:

    I ran into your story by way of Google blog hello, and I like your work! Thank you for including me in your story today. Your newest fan, Joe

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