obama & biden

August 24, 2008

My friend Julie called me yesterday morning to say she was on her way to Springfield to hear Obama speak. When she got there, she called me from her cell and said she could barely hear me — wall-to-wall people and lots of energy. I watched the speech in northern Alabama and was convinced Biden is a good choice for VP. I was hoping for a female running mate, but I guess you just can’t rock the boat too hard. I thought Obama’s speech was subdued but most likely on purpose — the event was designed to highlight Biden and get this team launched. And that worked. It’s brilliant the Biden has been in Congress for thirty-five years and has extensive foreign policy credentials. Introducing Biden through his personal struggles was also an effective rhetorical move. I wish it were already November so we can just skip the next ten weeks of drama! Think of all the programs that campaign money could finance…