Palinitis – a disease we can avoid!

Palinitis is a media-transmitted disease with fatal viral ability to infect the United States. Just check out the recent covers of celeb mags People and Us. (I am not providing hyperlinks — you’re just going to have to exercise your Google finger for that RNC publicity…)

Anne Kilkenny’s widely-circulated email, meant originally as an answer to questions about Palin from Kilkenny’s friends and family, offers substantive information on Palin as a megalomaniacal abuser of public trust. reprints Kilkenny’s email. It covers a lot — from Palin’s attempts to get books banned to strong-arming the firing of those who displease her. At least she matches McCain’s own impetuosity.

Another excellent analysis is Frank Rich’s op-ed piece in today’s New York Times called “Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Wedding.” Rich’s main point is one we need to heed: the media brouhaha instigated by McCain’s choice for VP obscures the substantive talk we need to have about McCain — and his “deterioration,” as Rich calls it. Rich also catalogs other unconsidered moves by McCain and details how little McCain’s people studied Palin before her confirmation as VP choice (and also lied about things like an FBI check).

How to inoculate against Palinitis? Just keep reading things like Rich’s column and Kilkenny’s email. Research, think for yourself. And speak up — the myth-making machine that asks us to view McCain as a maverick and a reformer also claims any criticism of Palin is sexist. Not true — pointing out Palin’s scary flaws is a matter of national health and security. This body politic can’t afford the infection.


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