1st debate: mccain-old, obama-smart, palin-muzzled, biden-yeah!

Looked as if McCain would run scared and not face Obama for the first debate. But that honor was given to Palin, whose stand-in was an obnoxious Rudy Giuliani. I don’t know who muzzled Palin: did she? But someone knew she’d make a fool of herself and the GOP. McCain said during the debates that his partner was a maverick just like he is. Hmm. Must by nice to believe one’s own hype. McCain was condescending to Obama. Chuck Dodd (NBC Political Director), one of the commentators with Brian Williams, said afterwards that McCain clearly disliked Obama — that something about Obama bothered McCain immensely. I think it’s that McCain has tried to become president how many times? Let’s see. Looks like this is only the second time, but why does it seem he’s been trying to be president forever? I think he wants it so badly that he cannot stand the sight of a younger politician with a meteoric rise. And that’s the source of his condescension towards Obama.

Palin was strikingly absent. Giuliani must have been schooled by McCain’s debate coaches, because he continued the condescension by saying that McCain just gave Obama a foreign policy lesson. Must be Giuliani’s deep knowledge of the subject, just as he’s so eloquent about community organizers. Not! Biden’s quick response to Brian Williams after the debate was sharp, critical of McCain (“John’s dead wrong”) and supportive of Obama’s points.

From McCain/Palin, look for more big, emotional phrases — like, “I believe in America” — with no practical plans to ensure there will be an America in the next decade. God help us if McCain/Palin steal this election!

The other very scary thing about McCain is that he talks about Iraq as if it were the Vietnam War. The exact same phrasing from that time: We will win this war. We will not come home defeated. Every time he talked about Iraq, I flashed back to talk about Vietnam. Biden must be close to McCain’s age but from Biden, I don’t get that stuck-in-the-past frozen-ness that I hear from McCain. From Biden, I get a reverence for the past and a willingness to learn from it to keep moving in the present and beyond.


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