McCain is not a maverick

I thought that was Biden’s best moment. He finally addressed the hype that Palin kept pushing about McCain and Palin as mavericks. Biden was clear: McCain isn’t a maverick when it comes to tax cuts, health insurance, the war in Iraq, and energy. Palin actually freaked me out even more, if that’s possible — mostly because of her jingoism, which I think is really dangerous and has fascist undertones. It’s too bad she’s in politics. I think it’s a part she wants to play for a long time.

You can tell the commentators’ biases when they do their analyses. One guy said Biden barely said Barack Obama’s name, and that was just incorrect. I wondered if he’d heard the same debate. Biden seemed like a real human being. Palin seemed like a Stepford wife.


One Response to McCain is not a maverick

  1. Geoffrey says:

    I agree! I think the “McCain is not a maverick” retort was Biden’s KO tonight … He totally took her most effective (& repeated) meme. She simply couldn’t use it again! Brilliant!

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