now it’s up to us

God bless Bob Schieffer for offering the most substantive and courageous questions so far, and for keeping Obama and McCain on track! The debates are over. Now, it’s up to us to vote. I love how Schieffer ended: “As my Mom always used to say, ‘Now go and vote. It’ll make you feel strong and proud.'” I’ve probably misquoted but it was something like that.

McCain was condescending and insulting again. And he lied … again. I liked Obama’s precision. His response to McCain’s accusation about Obama’s not supporting the Columbian free trade agreement and his response to the accusation that he didn’t vote for the law that protected the child born out of an abortion — precise, clear, reasonable responses that revealed facts: the Columbian free trade agreement didn’t protect protesting workers, but he did vote for the Peruvian free trade agreement; there was already a law on the books to protect the child born from an abortion so that law was unnecessary. This shows the extent to which McCain distorts and lies.

Shields’ comment about Obama’s “eerie” calmness was weird. Brooks gave McCain too much credit. Maybe I just need to remember to turn off TV right when the debates end. Ah, well.


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