fox channel & guns?

Family Guy is on here at 8pm. I don’t usually watch, but my son’s friends said it was new, and I thought I’d check it out last night. Right before there was a quick spot — I keep thinking I must have been seeing things — but it showed a picture of Obama and then a couple people (at least one white female) in a gun store and the voiceover said something like, “Fox reports that gun sales are up after Democratic sweep of nation.” I’m not sure the piece was even 30 seconds, it was so quick. And I was stunned. I can’t believe what I saw. Has anyone else seen this spot? I’ll be checking today to see if I can find it anywhere online. I keep thinking what I saw could not be real, so just forget it. But, no. Obama’s election has lanced the infection of racism and we’re going to see more backlash until things settle down. No one can afford to keep quiet about the good, the bad, and the ugly as we move forward.


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