when a best friend dies

It’s been a little over eight months since Ana died. Lately, I keep wanting to call and check in. Have one of those long rambling conversations that traveled from grandkids to politics to ceramics to misbehaving friends and family shenanigans. Twenty-five years of friendship — that’s almost half my life. Hard to keep missing such a loving friend, a sister.


One Response to when a best friend dies

  1. Ian Dial says:

    I wrote this the night my best friend’s father passed…it helped me.


    Through the years
    I shed my tears
    Death, my greatest fear
    Delivers such pain.

    From far to near
    Come those that are dear,
    Once there, now here
    Like relentless rain.

    Stabbing my heart
    As a piercing dart
    I am stopped, I cannot start
    How long will this go on?

    Feels like my soul
    Now a shadowed hole
    Spins out of control
    Will not end ‘til it is dawn.

    I’ve lost my will
    To heal until
    The void I fill
    Can close.

    “Why me, why now?”
    I ask, “But how?”
    To You I bow
    My Savior, You arose.

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