Parking at UAHuntsville — I’ve never seen as much activism. People are furious! Makes sense — increase parking fees a gazillion-fold, and what do you expect, eh? Most campuses charge a hefty fee for parking, and often those campuses don’t have adequate parking. Doesn’t make it right. Why can’t I get more upset about it all? I’ve been at too many different campuses to get bothered, I guess. I’m more concerned about recycling on campus. Or faculty salaries. Or a center for best practices in teaching………


2 Responses to parking

  1. acm0006uah says:

    I have also not been able to get bothered over all the parking controversy. The fees may have gone up but at least there is almost always a place to park.

  2. wesbarth says:

    I’d have to agree with you on that it’s not all that important to me either. The parking fee is actually similar to that of other places and the parking isn’t really that bad when I remember that I can just take classes at a less busy time of the day so that I can get my parking spot.

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