July 14, 2010

I haven’t posted here in so long, I almost forgot my login…
Here’s my BP freakout poem:

Not an oil spill
Not an accident
Not a cut

A gash, a rape, a terracide

heart juice bleeds out
earth skin shrivels, cracks, implodes
we bite into her throat
suck out the golden black blood
gnash our teeth
because we can
and noisy scars prove we rule

I tell my son
“In your lifetime, there will be no personal vehicles.”
A Cassandra
who knows what happens to Cassandras
no one ever listens
soon enough

I close my eyes and ears
still see
still hear
don’t want to
don’t want to
don’t want to

We are such a stupid species
bathing in apocoilypse
we insist it’s good for our skin