Palin’s speech yesterday made me groan. Damn. I’m going to have to write about her again. That’s what I thought. Then I read William Rivers Pitt’s piece called “Poor, Poor Sarah,” and I no longer need to write. Rivers Pitt said everything I wanted to say about Palin’s speech. One of the comments advised us to ignore Palin. I was going to write about her because I think she’s dangerous to ignore. Her brand of jingoism feeds too many too well, and as much as I’d like Palin to fade away, her visibility requires critiquing.

I also agree with another comment that Palin fits the description of a narcissist. I condemn her for taking advantage of the Tucson shootings to advance her own media image. Several posters also mentioned this concern. Here are two other reasons I think Palin’s dangerous: 1) She lies, and 2) she does not take responsibility.


One Response to palinitis

  1. MJ says:

    Wow. I hadn’t heard about this. Not surprising,just nauseating.

    Then we have Janet Napolitano, Danny Hernandez, and President Barack Obama (even Gov. Jan Brewer was gracious and eloquent and seemed sincere) who brought dignity, hope, and respect to a community in shock. Thank you for that. Other than the fact that U of A students were treating the whole thing like a concert, it was a very healing thing for the community. And immeasurables… There is a sincerity and a show of pure love the Obamas share with others and with each other that I also find very healing. Obama’s easy and open smile when connecting with people; Michelle Obama’s emotions when listening about Christina Taylor Green were so transparent, as a mom of young girls herself; Barack comforting Michelle, their closeness, their utter respect and lack of self-consciousness, and the fact that they even came here at all in this political climate.

    I appreciated all of this very much.

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