“Shut up, Obama”

This is the title to a blog posting on Lenin’s Tomb, and I’ll reprint the post here:

Obama is speechifying in his classically elevated, sonorous fashion. He should shut up. He has nothing to say. He spent weeks first backing Mubarak, then the torturer Suleiman. He thought his man, Suleiman, had been put in charge last night. It never once crossed his mind that he would stop aid to the regime, even stop sending the bullets and tear gas that have been used against protesters. The US has been handed its arse by the Egyptian people, the vanguard of global democracy, and should at this point be feigning humility.

OK, just so ya know…I voted for Obama (even though I was deeply troubled about his take on Palestine). I believed in Obama. I had the highest hopes for Obama. But this posting on Lenin’s Tomb speaks my mind. “Feigning humility” … wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all attain humility and listen carefully to those millions of voices in Egypt.


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