captain of US to Gaza boat imprisoned

The Greek Coast Guard seized The Audacity of Hope, the US boat trying to sail to Gaza, and jailed the captain. For more information, visit the USToGaza website. With Hilary Clinton’s recent comments that the actions of the Freedom Flotilla II are “provocative” and “dangerous,” we can see the Obama administration’s continued dismal record on Palestine — the Arab Spring apparently skipped straight to winter when it comes to Gaza and the occupied territories. Paul Murphy criticizes Clinton’s comments well:

Clinton’s comments are disgraceful. She has essentially given the green light to Israeli Defence Forces to use violence against participants in the flotilla. She has ignored the reasoning behind the need for such a mission, the criminal and illegal blockade of Gaza, which is resulting in enormous suffering for the Palestinian masses.

Many of the 36 passengers on board are staying on the ship in solidarity. How long before anyone from the US government protests the treatment of the captain of The Audacity of Hope or the seizing of the ship? I’m not holding my breath…


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