May 8, 2014

I’ve been blogging since 2003, and I started wurdz in July, 2006. My last post here was 29 Dec. 2012. Then I made this blog private, and I haven’t posted since–17 months, almost a year and a half.

I was unemployed. I worried that prospective employers would take umbrage at some of my views. In fact, those phantom employers most likely would never visit this blog.

No matter. I committed an inner censorship.

But life’s too short to act cowardly.

So let me celebrate here all the things I’ve shut up about:

  • my mom’s dementia and how I understand better why humans created the Devil because Satan is the only explanation for such a cruel end-of-life journey
  • academia and laboring as an adjunct instructor or contingent faculty–love that term, “contingent”–such a fitting adjective
  • the death of higher education and the birth of free MOOCs!
  • living in the U.S. without health insurance
  • the oligarchization of the U.S.–OK, I think I broke a linguistic cog writing “oligarchization.” In apology, I offer a link to Bill Moyers’ interview of Paul Krugman on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Please watch.
  • my growing love of really good infographics. I will post on this.
  • aging
  • death and dying

You’re probably thinking after reading that list that you’re better off if I keep shutting up. I promise to add unicorns and lots of pink in between the death and dying stuff.