voting fraud – West Virginia

October 21, 2008

Articles about vote flipping in West Virginia are easily available: The Charleston Gazette, Democracy Now. In an article from last May, we can read some of the history of voter fraud in West Virginia. Democracy Now headlines report harassment of Obama voters by McCain supporters in possible violation of the 1964 Voting Rights Act; reports of tires being slashed after an Obama rally also indicated violence. A report of the assault of a 58-year-old Obama volunteer by some guy in Wisconsin just has me wondering if we haven’t all lost our minds.


voting fraud – Latinos in Nevada

October 21, 2008

I may as well get going with this list of voting fraud. I’m going to post every time I read something. So here’s one — and a helluva read, too. Kamala Lopez tells us about Latino voters being told at a Nevada DMV that they just registered, when their voter registration was torn up if the voter indicated s/he was independent or voting for Obama. Read “Smells Like Republican Schadenfreude” and listen to Lopez’s powerful description of how a Latino/a voter might feel at the polls.